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Spark your imagination, feed your soul and renew your zest for life!! Da Vinci Capers invites you to join us for a magical, carefree week in the spirited and passionate land of Italy.

Immerse yourself in the Italian culture and the creative arts! Escape your routine by igniting old passions and discovering new talents. Each day we experience a different art - cooking, painting, photography, learning Italian and creative writing through the lessons of Leonardo da Vinci.

An open mind and a sense of curiosity is all you need to have fun (no experience necessary!).

Everything in this cultural immersion experience is inspiring and fun. The people, experts, and location make for an unforgettable experience. Bellissimo!

L. Fisher, Longmont, CO

Da Vinci Capers is not a tour - It is an Experience!

You don't bring home post cards on this adventure. You return with a new awareness and sense of confidence that you can do anything! Quickly you realize that it's not too late to learn to speak Italian or paint a landscape.

Throughout centuries, people came to Italy to become inspired and to bask in the creative spirit of the land. What better place to discover what touches your heart - something you can bring home with you forever. Spread your wings and discover youself in the cornucopia of arts.

  • Hands-on cooking lesson
  • Tasting local wines and olive oils
  • Drawing, painting and sculpting
  • Touring a marble studio and sculpting
  • Expressing yourself with creative writing and learning Italian
  • Photography Workshop

For me, the most special part of Da Vinci Capers was the luxury of returning to a youthful state of mind, free to experiment without fear of failure. I mean, a 40-something lawyer doing charcoal sketches of olive trees, ordering fresh produce in Italian, and chiseling away at a slab of marble?! It was a week when anything was possible!

J. Raskin, Miami, FL

Some of our teachers are world-renowned experts. But most importantly, they inspire us – whether we are a novice or very accomplished. When we are not doing art, we are invited for exclusive demonstrations or tours to complement our adventures. We leave time to take a stroll, mingle with the locals or just people-watch. An open morning is built into the itinerary for activities such as golf, horseback riding, spa, hiking, biking – or just lounging by the pool!


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Da Vinci Capers is owned and operated by La Bella Vita, LLC.

Please Note: The precise activities will vary according to the location – please check individual adventures. Also, feel free to skip or observe an activity – this is your vacation!

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Who is Leona? 
Leona is a chicken from Ancona, a village on the Adriatic Sea in Italy.  Once upon a time, while Leonardo da Vinci was strolling in the Mercato Saint Ambrogio, Leonardo admired Leona’s Nonna’s Nonna… He saved her neck and had a little new friend for life.

Leona, like Leonardo, has experiences of trials and triumphs.  Leona says, “Spread your wings – escape your routine, and join us on our adventures!”

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